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E&S Certification

Erosion & Sediment Control Certification (Yellow Card)

The state of emergency was lifted on July 1st, 2021. After August 15, 2021, expired certifications will no longer​ be honored.*

The Basic Erosion and Sediment (ESC) Course (Yellow Card) is mandatory for contractor superintendents and ESC managers and is highly recommended for contractor project managers. This class covers the Basic Science of Erosion and Sediment Control, Installing and Maintaining E & S controls, Using the E & S Quality Assurance checklist to monitor compliance, and the Design Modification Process.

  • ​Training modules & the exam are inside the online course.
  • Each person registered must have an email address unique to them. You can no longer use an office email/administrative assistant's email to register multiple people.
  • After registration, the course information will be made available within 2 business days.  The course can then be accessed at will, day or night.
  • Training is not available on an iPad, phone, or other handheld device, it must be done on a laptop or desktop computer. 
  • The Google Chrome browser must be used to access the training.
  • The course, on average, takes 6-8 hours.
  • The exam has a time limit of two hours, which must be completed without interruption.
  • You have two attempts to pass the exam.
  • Successful completion requires an 80% or higher score on the final exam.
  • If both exam attempts are failed the individual may register and pay the fee to take the course again.
  • Certification is valid for 3 years from the time the exam is successfully completed.
  • Registration for the certification course is valid for 6 months.  If the course is not completed during that time the registration is forfeited and expired.

NOTE: Because Flash Player has been discontinued, there is no audio for this course.

​Pre-requisite: MDE Responsible Personnel Certification
Questions pertaining to the MDE Green Card course should be directed to Pat Depkin at (410) 537-3628.
*Mr. Depkin is not responsible for the Erosion & Sediment control course -- ONLY the Responsible Personnel Course.* 

Contact MTBMA at with questions about the Erosion & Sediment Control Course.

NOTE: You will be asked about shipping information even though this course is 100% online and nothing will be shipping to you or the registrant.  This information will be used to notify you that the order is fulfilled and the training is available to the registrant to take.  Enter your company information and the email address of the individual who wants to be notified the course is available (typically the individual creating the registration).

Price: $185

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