Business Development Reimbursement Program (BDRP)


The BDRP strives to support MDOT Certified DBE firms by providing reimbursements for products and services that foster growth, self-sufficiency, and improved business practices. This initiative aims to strengthen firms' competitiveness in the transportation marketplace. Reimbursements can cover one-time or multiple purchases, with a cap set at $5,000.


Participation in the MDOT SHA BDRP is exclusive to DBE firms headquartered in Maryland. The services provided by the DBE participants must be items that may be included in transportation-related projects/contracts and the DBE firm must have the required NAICS code relative to the work certification from MDOT.


  1. Software/software licenses – associated with the DBE firm’s core area of business function, (i.e., firm specific, project estimating, accounting/financial w/payroll, Bid Express;
  2. Financial audit/review;
  3. Project estimating;
  4. Membership fees (association/organization membership) – for professional organizations related to the DBE firm’s core business function;
  5. Website design/development;
  6. Logo design;
  7. Books - associated with the DBE firm’s core business function;    
  8. Capabilities statement and/or business plan development;
  9. Training/conferences (registration costs and lodging only) - for events within the U.S. that are directly related to the DBE firm’s core business function;
  10. Technical training - associated with the DBE firm’s core business function;
  11. Registration fees for industry-related events/seminars - associated with the DBE firm’s core business function;
  12. Tuition expenses – for one continuing education or undergraduate course per year. Lab fees and cost of textbooks and materials are also reimbursable if the course is related to the firm’s core business function;
  13. One-on-One consulting services – reimbursement up to the $5,000 limit (counting toward the overall firm cap limit of $5,000).

Have you always wanted to be a part of MTBMA? The BDRP is a great avenue to become involved. Upon approval, you can obtain covered membership dues, and attend groundbreaking industry events that can change the trajectory of your business. Let MTBMA help you build upon your business development goals.