Essential Strategies for Construction Loss Prevention

SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

Is your firm prepared to handle every risk it faces? ENR’s first Risk and Compliance Summit will give you a rare overview of the fast-evolving field of risk management, using key legal and financial disasters of 2012 as points of reference. Topics will include ways to assess, compare, and mitigate risk; project-related failures; managing your workforce; complying with changing regulations; emerging risks; and avoiding the trap of over-anticipating one kind of risk while failing to see another as it develops.


Keynote Speaker- Ed Littleton, Senior VP, Risk Management of Balfour Beatty Construction

Featured Topics

How to Go North When a Project or Team Member Goes South:
Contractor-Oriented Project Financial Risk: Defaults, Payments, Surety

The increasing number of subcontractor defaults are a reminder of the interdependence of the project team for successful profitable operations. This session will explore all the hazards and methods of prevention available to owners and contractors, including the difficult question of whether surety bond requirements will still be the centerpiece of project risk prevention.

Navigating the Dangerous Waters of Regulatory Compliance
Compliance Risk, Ethics & the Changing Workforce: Regulations, Enforcement

These days, you can go to jail for regulatory infractions that may not even be under your control. This session will examine federal and state rules regarding lobbying contact with public officials, fulfilling MBE requirements and meeting government procurement guidelines.

What Do You Mean You Don’t Have App Insurance?
Technology, Project Delivery & Sustainable Design: Liability and Emerging Standards of Practice

BIM, collaborative project management, RFID and sustainability all contain fresh risks whose full implications are not yet well understood. This session will clarify what risks are real, what risks have failed to materialize and what we can do to mitigate them.


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