In its ongoing efforts to keep the pressure on Congress to enact a six year highway/transit reauthorization bill with significantly increased funding levels, the Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) has designated Thursday, December 10, as “Call Congress Day.”

While the U.S. House and Senate are debating other high profile issues, you need to remind them that your company and your livelihood rely on the federal surface transportation authorization bill, which expired September 30.   In visits on Capitol Hill, Senators and Representatives report they are “not hearing from people at home.”  That means you! The political will to get the job done won’t happen unless they hear from you.

The TCC would like to bombard congressional offices with calls from constituents.  While e-mail and letters are helpful, phone calls require an individual to answer and make note of why you are calling.

Here’s how to call Congress and make your voice heard, in just a few minutes:

  • Dial 1-888-448-2782 toll-free on December 10, between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., EST.
  • Key in your zip code when prompted, and select which office you want to contact.
  • Ask for the member of Congress or their legislative assistant who handles transportation.
  • Talk to them or leave a voice mail.  Make sure to identify yourself as a voting constituent.

Personalize your message, but use these points if you need them:

  • (Our state) has huge transportation needs that are not being met, including deficient bridges, deteriorating pavements, congested roads and safety hazards.
  • The construction industry has an unemployment rate of over 18 percent—nearly twice the national average.
  • Without the certainty of a long term authorization bill, with increased funding levels, construction companies and material suppliers in our state will be forced to lay off additional workers.
  • Businesses will not invest in new equipment when there is so much uncertainty about the on- going and future transportation construction market.
  • Congress must do its job and delay no longer.  Pass a six-year surface transportation authorization bill now and provide the revenue necessary to increase funding to address (our state’s) short term need for jobs and long term economic growth.

Get involved in just a few minutes and shape the future of our industry!

Remember, you vote… so Congress will listen!