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Safety Culture as a Driver of Compliance and Performance

According to OSHA, every day an average of 14 workers are killed on the job in the United States.  Independent research shows that improving safety culture is the best way to decrease incidents in any process, and reduce the risk of OSHA penalties, injury rate, and associated costs. There is a clear business case for building a strong safety culture, but it takes a careful strategy and deliberate execution to be truly effective. Do you want to learn how to create the most effective workplace safety culture for your organization? Download our free Safety Culture Insider, packed with over 15 pages of expert insight, safety strategies, and safety culture tips, to learn the latest management strategies and expert insight for creating safer and more engaged workplace safety initiatives. Download Now Please follow and like...

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OSHA Updates Crane Rule, Removes Certification by Capacity

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced on May 21 that it is amending its proposed rule for crane operator training and certification. The new version of the rule removes the need for crane operators to get different levels of certification based on the rated lifting capacity of the equipment. The new rule amends the OSHA crane standard that was published in 2010. The standard said that employers were required to only allow certified operators to operate cranes, and outlines the training requirements to receive certification. The standard went into effect in November, 2014, with a four-year phase-in period to meet training and certification requirements. The current deadline is November 10, 2018, and a comment period for the updated rule is open until June 20. Previously, the rated-capacity requirement allowed for operators to be qualified on any crane with the same or lower rated-capacity than the crane they had been tested on. But according to OSHA, several testing organizations objected to this requirement as they did not offer certifications by crane capacity in their programs. Following a series of meetings with industry members from from 2010 to 2015, OSHA’s Advisory Committee for Construction Safety and Health recommended in April 2015 that the rated-capacity requirement be removed from the standard. Click here to continue reading…   Credit: Engineering News Record Please follow and like...

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Register Now for Certified Stormwater Inspector – Construction Training in Annapolis

December 12, 2018 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Location TBD Annapolis, MD Instructor Fred Heitman Instructors for this training will be Fred Heitman. This course is for stormwater construction inspectors for both industry and government. The course has a focus on inspector duties, responsibilities, and authority. It begins with the stormwater regulations and permits and is followed by erosion and sediment control practices. Participants receive the presentation, regulations, permit, SWPPP template and an erosion and sediment control manual on a flash drive. Instructors for the course have state or EPA compliance experience. Register Now Please follow and like...

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