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Mission Statement: "To provide the Maryland transportation industry a forum that fosters coordinated and continuous quality improvement in order to ensure safe, efficient, environmentally sensitive and sustainable systems to meet the needs of all transportation stakeholders."

The Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) Conference will be held on January 30 & 31, 2019 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Please refer to the tabs below to see the variety of exciting things being offered at next year's conference!

Celebrating 25 Years of Partnering!

In the early 1990’s, Maryland’s State Highway Administration (SHA) recognized the need to address quality at all levels and areas of the highway community. SHA, along with other local industry members, attend the preliminary National Quality Initiative Conference in 1994.

Fostering an atmosphere of open communication and cooperation with our partners is critical to defining and achieving our goals. The MdQI Steering Committee was created to draw industry partners into Maryland’s transportation plan and the Steering Committee is the link between our stakeholders and guides strategic thinking on a day-to-day basis. There are two Co-Chairs, one from the public sector and one from the private sector.

It meets monthly to discuss a broad range or quality-driven initiatives, as well as deliver the annual conference which features a series of workshops on pressing issues and future focus of the industry. Thus, the Steering Committee has evolved from a conference organization group to an industry-wide driving force in the continuing quality journey. MdQI has expanded to include nearly all modes of transportation and federal and county agency partners.






The MdQI Steering Committee is comprised of a diverse group of highway industry professionals, was originally established to organize and present the annual MdQI conference. The Steering Committee recognized that the conference was only one way of advocating quality as a way of doing business throughout the industry. As a result, the Steering Committee broadened its initial mission to include fostering ongoing dialogue among members of the highway industry. Today, the Steering Committee provides overall leadership and management of MdQI subcommittees, activities and programs.

The State Highway Administration’s Deputy Administrator/Chief Engineer for Operations is one of the co-chairs of the committee; the other co-chair is a transportation executive selected from the private sector. The committee meets monthly to facilitate productive public-private sector relationships and oversee activities sponsored by MdQI.


(410) 545-0360

Dan Cheng , JMT 
(410) 329-3100


Shelly Baquol, MTBMA
Ed Burgos, FHWA-Maryland Division

Dave Coyne, JMT
Tony Crawford, MDOT-SHA, District 6
Mark DeLuca, CEAM / Howard County
Eric Eckhardt, AMT
Tom Evans, MRMCA
Christopher Fronheiser, The Lane Construction Corporation

Ramesh Ganachari, MDOT-MTA
Bob Hackman, GeoMaterials
Jim Harkness, MDOT-MDTA
Breck Jeffers, FHWA-Maryland Division
Aaron Jones, MDOT-SHA, OPR
Marshall Klinefelter, Maryland Asphalt Association
Dana Knight, McCormick Taylor
Marissa Lampart, MDOT-SHA, OHD
Joe Makar, Whitman, Requardt & Associates
Ray Moravec, Wallace, Montgomery & Associates
Frank Murphy, Baltimore City DOT
Franz “Alex” Ollerman, MDOT-MAA
Joel Oppenheimer, STV, Inc.
Saed Rahwanji, MDOT-SHA, OOTS
Michael Rice, MDOT-MDTA
Doug Rose, JMT
James Russ, MTBMA
Paul Shank, MDOT-MAA
Jo Ellen Sines
Nelson Smith, MDOT-SHA, OOC
Ray Streib, DFI
Glenn Vaughan, MDOT-SHA, OOS
Fran Ward, MDOT-SHA, District 4
Steve Whitecotton, P. Flanigan & Sons







MdQI announces the Engineering Challenge for 2019: Build a cannon that can launch a ping pong ball over a barrier and land it as close as possible to three different targets. Click here for Questions and Answers.  

Competition Contact: Glenn Vaughan, MDOT SHA Office of Structures. 







Congratulations to Dan Cheng of JMT, the recipient of The Pierce J. Flanigan III Award for leadership in the transportation industry which was presented at the 2018 MdQI 25th Anniversary Conference. 

Pierce J. Flanigan, III Award

MdQI also sponsors the Flanigan Award in memory of the late Pierce J. Flanigan III (president of P. Flanigan and Sons, Inc.)

This award is presented to a transportation industry leader who meets the following qualifications:

1. A person who has worked in, or for, the transportation industry for more than 20 years;

2. A person that has made significant contributions to the industry (examples: held a position of leadership in an industry related organization, served on industry advice boards, contributed to acceptance or development of innovative techniques, tools, etc. within the industry);

3. A person who has been involved in the transportation industry in the State of Maryland;

4. A person that has been a supporter of the Maryland Quality Initiative.

This special award is presented at the discretion of MdQI. Nominations for the award are accepted throughout the year and may be submitted directly to the Awards Subcommittee Co-Chairs.

Awards Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: (Awards of Excellence, The Flanigan Award)

- Mr. Dana Knight, McCormick Taylor: or 410-662-7400

- Mr. Stephen Bucy, SHA District 6: or 301-729-8410








Applications due October 1st!

Awards Nominations - Instructions and Forms

Awards Nominations are due the first Monday in October (Monday, October 1, 2018). The Awards and Partnering Subcommittees will notify finalists prior to the MdQI Conference. Finalists will be asked to prepare a Project Display to be on exhibit at the 2018 MdQI Conference in Baltimore, January 30 - 31, 2019.  The award winners will be announced and presented at the 2019 conference Annual Awards Banquet.

2018 Awards of Excellence

2018 Awards Instructions (pdf)

2018 Awards of Excellence Application Form (pdf)

(This website cannot post a Word document. If you need the dynamic Word fill-in form version of this form, please contact Dana Knight of KCI or Sumalka Wegodapola of MDOT SHA)

2018 Partnering Awards

Partnering Awards Nomination Form (pdf)


 Click here to view the Awards of Excellence presented at the 2018 MdQI Conference.

Awards Subcommittee Contacts:

Awards Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: (Awards of Excellence, The Flanigan Award)

- Mr. Dana Knight, McCormick Taylor: or 410-662-7400

- Mr. Stephen Bucy, SHA District 6: or 301-729-8410

Partnering Subcommittee Co-Chair:

- Mr. Steve Whitecotton, P. Flanigan & Sons, Inc.: or 410-467-5900

Annual Awards of Excellence & Partnering Awards
In 1993, SHA and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approached Highway Industry leaders in Maryland about transforming the annual dinner meeting into an MdQI annual conference with the Maryland with Pride Awards being presented at the conference banquet. The first annual MdQI conference was held in 1994. Since that time, the Awards of Excellence have been presented at the annual conference banquet. In 2008, the committee changed the annual awards process to recognize projects completed within a fiscal year instead of a calendar year. In 2009, the committee added new categories including “Green” projects. In 2011, the committee introduced “Modal Awards.”

MdQI presents annual Awards of Excellence and Partnering Awards for public sector transportation projects in Maryland.

Awards of Excellence
To be eligible for an annual Award of Excellence, projects must have a date of substantial completion or acceptance for maintenance between October 1 and September 30 of the next calendar year.

For the planning category, the project must have received a record of decision or the equivalent between the dates listed above.

Engineering consultants and contractors can also submit applications for the awards. Please download the application documents below and email a completed copy to the awards committee co-chairman, Dana Knight at or Stephen Bucy at In addition, please send a copy to the appropriate transportation agency. Hard copies will also be accepted.

Awards of Excellence may be presented in the following categories:
– Green/Sustainability/Environmental Award
– Planning
– MBE/DBE Firm (Engineering and Construction)
– Subcontractor (Engineering and Construction)
– MDOT/Municipal Awards – Projects under $5 Million (MDOT TBUs, Baltimore City and CEAM)
– MDOT/Municipal Awards – Projects over $5 Million (MDOT TBUs, Baltimore City and CEAM)

Partnering Awards
These awards are for the successful use of partnering practices on a transportation project in Maryland. There is a separate nomination and review process for this category. Up to three projects may be selected for awards in this category (Gold, Silver, Bronze levels).


















The Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) is pleased to be hosting a Minority-Owned Business Meet and Greet Event as part of the 2019 MdQI Conference. This event will take place on Wednesday, January 30th from 9:30 am -11:30 am. We are pleased to offer this expanded networking opportunity as part of the MdQI Conference.

Registration for the Meet and Greet will be in two stages:
Stage 1: Prime Consultant/Contractor/Supplier registration 
Stage 2: MBE Registration (Opens October 15th)

Prime Consultant/Contractor/Supplier Registration is NOW OPEN!
Hurry! Space is limited and registration closes October 15th!

Please see attached flyer for registration information.

For Questions Regarding the Engineering Track:
Elizabeth Brusio at

For Questions Regarding the Contractor/Supplier Track:
Alyssa Girouard at

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