Joseph R. Julian, JJID, Inc.

2017 Hall of Leadership Inductee, December 14, 2017

Joseph Julian began fulltime in the construction business, with James Julian, Inc., in 1958. He participated in many jobs in Delaware, starting with Dover AFB runway widening and operational apron. Joe was involved in numerous utility jobs in Pennsylvania. Joe was then involved in Baltimore City jobs such as MLK Parkway, then SHA jobs such as the Capital Beltway between the Mormon Tabernacle Church and Wisconsin Avenue, along with several jobs in the Elkridge and Hanover areas.

In 1992, Joseph Julian started his own company, JJID, Inc. Since that time, JJID has worked in Baltimore County, Hartford County, a few smaller jobs in Baltimore City, as well as areas of Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Joseph has a wonderful wife, 6 terrific children and 5 grandchildren. Joe’s hobby is construction and now works part-time at JJID. He has an interest in sports and is a follower of both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens. He also enjoyed a period of 4 great years as Officer and President of The Maryland Highway Contractors Association, now known as the Maryland Transportation Builders & Materials Association.

Joe feels fortunate to have had good relationships with Bill Hardy, Past President of MHCA, the late Pierce Flanagan II, the late Barton Mitchell, Danny (David C. Bramble), Bill (William Cox), and many others.

Joseph Julian is being honored this evening, December 14, 2017, into the Hall of Leadership of Maryland Transportation Builders and Materials Association as he is recognized for his outstanding service and commitment to further the cause of better transportation construction and materials in Maryland.

Congratulations Joe and thank you for your continued support of our Association!

A Message from Joe:

If I had any legacy to leave I would hope it would be perhaps the following would be enacted by the Association. The effort that I would request crosses the boundaries of politics, gender and class. That is the opioid drug problem in this country. I would hope that the Association and its members who are all problem solvers and have been very successful at that activity, would formulate a plan for young people in their early teens would be exposed to construction activity in any form. Whether it be watching an asphalt operation on a given day or large or small earth moving operation with excavators hauling trucks and dozers or the building of a bridge, setting of forms, pouring of concrete. We need to get our young people acclimated to the highpoints that occur in construction every day. The reason I recommend this is because it is heart breaking to open the obituaries, as I do as an 80 year old and see pictures of young people in there 19, 20, 22 years, sometimes up to 40 who have passed “suddenly”. Which is obviously an epitaph for overdosing on opioid’s or drugs. We are losing much too many of our younger generation and we as an industry can do our own part by trying to slow or stop the tide by bringing these folks at a very young age, showing them the highpoints and even thrills of being active in construction. Let’s get them addicted to construction!”